Man arrested over murder of Brit mum killed beside baby after being stopped at border

Police have arrested a suspect over the murder of a 20-year-old British mum during a burglary in Greece.

Caroline Crouch was strangled and killed during the violent raid at her family home outside of Athens on Tuesday morning.

The ruthless robbers also tied up her husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos and held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter Lydia’s head.

Local media has reported that a man from Georgia has been arrested on the Bulgarian border.

The suspect is believed to have been held after trying to travel from Greece to Bulgaria by car using a fake passport.

The unnamed suspected was linked to another burglary at a house near where Caroline was murdered.

He is being questioned at a local police station.

A police source said DNA analysis suggested he may have been involved in a house invasion where a couple were tied up on March 7.

They said investigating officers had whittled down a list of suspects to 30 people.

A police officer told Sun Online: “We’re making headway with the inquiry and in the police laboratories based on DNA found at the scene.

“The list of suspects has been narrowed down to 30 people.”

Mr Anagnostopoulos said he caught a glimpse of the killer as he leapt on to the bed where he was sleeping with his wife.

He said the killer had been wearing a balaclava to cover his face but it slipped down during a struggle with his wife.

Mr Anagnostopoulos said his wife’s killer was tall, dark-skinned, overweight and under the age of 30.

Police think the killer may have been unaware Mr Anagnostopoulos saw his face but Caroline did which is why she was murdered.

The intruders were reportedly looking for cash and jewellery at the home in Glyka Nera – with it feared the gang may have been tipped off.

Mr Anagnostopoulos is said to have suffered hypoxemia, low levels of oxygen in the blood, and lost consciousness during the attack.

He told reporters afterwards that he “begged” the burglars not to hurt his family.

He said the intruders threatened to kill his baby if he and Caroline, a student, did not tell them where they kept their money and jewellery.

He told them where to find £10,000 in cash hidden inside a Monopoly box.

He said the couple had such a huge sum of cash hidden in their home because they needed to pay builders for work.

A £260,000 reward for information has been announced by the Greek Government.

The minister responsible for public order, Michalis Chrisochoidis, described the killing as “particularly heinous”.

He added: “One rarely encounters such barbarity in Greece, in Greek society, even among criminals.”

On Thursday Caroline funeral was attended by almost every inhabitant of the Greek island of Alonnisos where she grew up.

Mourners included Caroline’s parents, former British serviceman David Crouch and Filippino Susan Dela Cuesta.