Use highlighter to bring your face to life

I once wrote a piece called “How to look good in photos”. Expert advice included hiding half of your body behind the person next to you and wearing highlighter. Whether a liquid mixed with foundation or powders brushed on high points of cheeks and nose, highlighters give your skin life. A picture of me with R&B singer Ashanti – taken many years ago – was my highlighter epiphany. Despite believing I had a fabulously madeup face, in the photos, I looked comatose while she on the other hand looked as if she’d swallowed the sun for breakfast. That’s the power of a good highlighter.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love in Petal Pink £25,
  2. Bobbi Brown Highlighter Powder £36.50,
  3. Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Highlighter £27,
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Face Palette in Tropical Getaway £52,
  5. Vieve Skin Dew £19,

I can’t do without… A hydrating cleanser that’s a blessing to blemish-prone skins
I’ve always maintained that we all, in an ideal world, need more than one cleanser. Skin is a living, breathing organ affected by numerous elements, including climate, diet, stress, sleep levels, hormones, age, etc. So your cleansing routine needs to keep up with your skin. I regularly alternate my cleanser. If my skin is feeling sensitive, I’ll use a balm or an oil. If it’s looking dull, I’ll consider something with a brightening formulation. If my skin is dehydrated, I’ll get an extra hydrating cleanser (and promise myself, for the millionth time, that I’ll drink more water). Whatever you choose, it should clean well and do a little bit more than that. Like this Glossier cleanser. It is highly concentrated – hence the name – so perfect for the days you need a deep-pore clean – and it works in as little as 6O seconds. The honey-hued texture foams into a milk and while it doesn’t strip, as a daily cleanser, it is better suited to oilier, blemish-prone skins – this is a clarifying wash after all. For drier skins, a couple of times a week will suffice. Thanks to fruit extracts and the AHA combination of malic and lactic acids, it works brilliantly as an exfoliator and brightener that is also nourishing and suitable for sensitive skin. So when I consider that a smidgen goes a long way and that it is priced so attractively, adding it to my cleansing wardrobe is a no-brainer. Glossier Cleanser Concentrate, £18,

On my radar… Skincare creams and a refillable lipstick to tempt
The facialist A-listers have on speed dial has extended her eponymous skincare line. This retinol minimises fine lines, uneven texture and irregular tone without irritation. Teresa Tarmey Retinol Gel, £72 for 40ml,

Talking lips The powerhouses behind Zara’s chic new beauty range – such as Diane Kendal – have everyone talking. The pigments are excellent and everything is refillable. Zara Makeup Ultra Matte Lipstick, £9.99, £5.99 for the refill,

Task master A rich multitasking cream that is excellent for calming irritated, dry and blemish-prone skin is available in a handy tube. Oh, and it smells wonderful, too. Aroma Actives Laboratories Universal Repair Cream, £10,